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There Are No Coincidences

iStock_000016905197SmallHappy Monday, folks. I wanted to kick start today by writing a little bit about the research and development process that has been such a huge part of writing Echoes of the Past. I have turned up some really fascinating facts and stumbled upon some rather striking coincidences. But as the title above suggests, perhaps there are no coincidences. Is it fate?

Echoes is not set in any particular year, I have deliberately kept it vague, but the entirety of Seeds of Autumn is a countdown to an epic event and the phases of the moon are significant, so I did use a real lunar calendar for a previous year to refer to in order to keep the dates and moon phases in sync. Long after the main events of the entire series were loosely plotted and in fact after I had completed Seeds of Autumn, I discovered that the day after the last day in that book in the year that I was using as a reference was a blue moon. One definition of a blue moon is the third full moon in a season that contains four full moons, which is relatively unusual as most seasons only contain three. For those who haven’t yet read the book, the main characters call themselves The Blue Moon. The enormity of this struck me and I couldn’t ignore it, so there is a reference to it in the second book, Ghosts of Winter (coming soon).

Photo by Sebastian Dario, courtesy of Creative Commons

Photo by Sebastian Dario, courtesy of Creative Commons

The series features animism and deities from various pantheons, so I do a lot of research into the world’s mythologies and do a lot of investigation to find fitting character names. The second rather large coincidence that I stumbled upon was also related to the Blue Moon. Echoes is set in the fictional city of Caerton. I can’t actually claim credit for this name, as a dear friend came up with it and gave me permission to use it. It’s origins are Welsh, the word caer means castle or fortress and the history of the city is richly detailed from the very first caer built in its location, which may or may not be in or close to Wales 😉

Now, the Roman pantheon features in the series, with one deity in particular as a rival to their Greek counterpart and so I sometimes find myself translating things into Latin. One of these translations was The Blue Moon. Google Translate gave me a couple of options, but one of them leapt out at me: Caeruleum Lunulam. I was stunned at the appearance of caer, the etymology is utterly unrelated but the coincidence was enormous. Readers will have to wait until book three to be rewarded with this particular morsel.

Two huge coincidences, or perhaps fate. Either way, too significant to ignore.

I love hearing from you, what curious coincidences have you stumbled upon? If you’re a writer or artist, how have you incorporated those into your work?