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Imbolc – Festival of Light

imbolcIn honour of Imbolc, the festival celebrating the very first signs of spring, here’s a little taster from the beginning of Tides of Spring, which takes place on this day.

The Lightning Lords walked quickly through the tunnel, which was wide enough for them to walk two abreast. Stalker felt the moment when they crossed the veil in between worlds, straight through with no choice in the matter. In Hepethia, the hidden realm of shifter kind, the tunnel opened up suddenly into a vast cavern lit with more of the brightly coloured torches and a million sparkling fairy lights wrapped around the many crystalline stalactites that clung to the ceiling. All of Hepethia was made of these incredible crystal structures and this cavern shone in a rainbow of colours.

The cave was filled with shifters, approximately sixty altogether. They were assembled roughly by pack, each adorned with costumes representing their uniqueness, though there was some intermingling going on already.

There was a collective intake of breath at the sight and Stalker grinned at her pack mates, pride swelling in her chest.

‘Greetings,’ a deep voice said from just beside them. Stalker knew it at once and turned to give First Strike a warm smile. He was topless, but was wearing a heavy, ornate gold cross around his neck on a thick chain. ‘Welcome to the Danegeld.’