One unique shifter. Deadly enemies on all sides. What will she sacrifice and what will be stolen?

Ariana is an ambitious martial artist in love with her life. But when she discovers that she’s a shapeshifter she stands to lose it all.

She’s plunged into a world of demons, danger and deceit. Surrounded by supernatural conflict, and a bitter rivalry with a neighbouring pack, fighting is no longer a sport. Now it’s life or death and Ariana is pulled even further from her humanity.

Tensions mount when her new friend is captured by a vicious enemy. Ariana faces the toughest contest of her young life.

Her pack will stop at nothing to rescue one of their own. But their efforts may bring war upon them. Can disaster be averted? Ariana must balance her humanity against the beast within before she loses everything…

Fate of the Blue Moon is a dark urban fantasy thriller that will intrigue you and twist your world upside down.

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From Ashes to Echoes novella

A traitor brother. An exiled father. But all she wants is her family.

Maisie isn’t your typical thirteen year old girl. Her family are all shapeshifters and one day she will be one too.

Her father is her moon and stars, he’s everything to her. But all too often, he’s had to put his pack before his daughter. Maisie loves him anyway and looks forward to the day she changes and can become a part of the pack that means so much to him.

But fate has other plans in store for the teen. She changes for the first time amid a family crisis and feels all alone in the world. Desperate for some comfort from her father, she plots to escape the city to find him.

Drawn out into the night to seek him out, Maisie encounters some of the darker elements of shifter life.

Will she be able to find her father? Or will she overcome her resentment towards her new pack before a creature of the night claims her life or her very soul?

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In The Blood

The one mind I can’t read is the only one I want to.

I’ve always had this annoying little “gift”. I can read people’s thoughts. I hate it. I can’t get close to anyone the way normal people do. I’d give it up in a heartbeat.

My name’s Eve and all I want is a normal life.

But when a tragedy drags me home from uni it quickly becomes apparent that there was much more to my parents than they ever let on. Just maybe my special gift will help me get to the bottom of what happened to them.

Thrust into the path of the most dangerous man in the city, Antonio Vitale, I’d give anything to be able to read his thoughts. Did he murder my parents? I’ll have to get close to him to find out.

I’m about to find out that there is a hidden world right under my nose and I may be the only one who can uncover the secrets that everyone is hiding. But if I push Antonio too far he could kill me or someone else that I love. Is the truth worth the risk?

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Shifters of Caerton boxset

Ariana Yates has always wanted a somewhat normal life. As long as she can keep winning martial arts trophies. She thinks she has it all – a career, a reputation and maybe a decent guy in her life.

But when the moon’s phase shifts, Ariana gets sick and she is transformed into a shifter with incredible power. She is plunged into a dangerous shadow world, full of demons, shapeshifters and threats to humanity—as well as a secretive cult intent upon destroying the world.

To protect those she loves most, Ariana must distance herself from them and take control of her new powers…before her enemies destroy her. But can she overcome her humanity and embrace the beast within? Does she even want to?

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In the darkest shadows, the deepest memories lurk. Hidden mysteries leave their mark and result in disturbing Echoes of the Past.

Whether you’re new to Echoes of the Past, or a devoted fan already, this new release by H.B. Lyne will take you deep into the dark lives of some of the city of Caerton’s most enigmatic shifters.

This collection of short stories chronicles events 10 and 5 years prior to the novels; as well as hidden events in the novels themselves.