My latest release is the long-awaited complete series boxset of my Shifters of Caerton series (formerly released as Echoes of the Past).

The entire series has been given a polish and update, new titles, a new cover and appears now for the first time as one complete series.

Order Shifters of Caerton today at Amazon, Kobo and other retailers.

The box set contains:

  • Fate of the Blue Moon
  • Ghosts of Winter
  • Demons of the Past
  • and Rise of the Furies
  • Plus the short stories: From the Ashes, The Storm Riders’ Vigil & Dark Echoes

Who do you trust when nothing is as it seems?

Ariana is an ambitious and competitive martial artist trying to figure out relationships, career and where she belongs in the city of Caerton.

Ariana soon finds out when she discovers that she’s a shapeshifter.

Now her job is to protect humanity from the demons and secret chaos worshipper that threaten to destroy her world.

But who can she trust when the lone cultist could be anyone?

For the first time in one complete omnibus, Shifters of Caerton is a dark urban fantasy thriller that will intrigue you and twist your world upside down.

Who is hiding the deadliest secret? Buy Shifters of Caerton today to uncover the truth.

If you like Patricia Briggs, Faith Hunter, Shayne Silvers, CN Crawford, Steve McHugh, Stephanie Foxe or R Medhurst, then you’ll relish the Shifters of Caerton Series.

Praise for the Shifters of Caerton Series (previously published under the title Echoes of the Past)

“This series is phenomenal.”

“This is a great series with plenty of action, adventure, danger, suspense, mystery, and romance to whet the appetite. I loved the storyline and the author did a phenomenal job building this world and all of the gifted characters. I like strong women characters and the author really delivered.”

“Ariana Yates is a wonderful young kick-a** heroine (which is the kind of character I adore) with enormous potential and some pretty neat shifting abilities that set her apart from others. The plot here is superb, showing how she handles becoming a shifter (and what that means) and her training and adventure. The lead and supporting characters are well done and have great potential to develop. The world-building is excellent. The writing superb. I’m left with an urgent desire to read book 2, which only happens when a novel is really, really good. Highly recommended.”

“The pages quickly turn. H.B. Lyne weaves and twists as she shares her gifted imagination. As the plot(s) build from one book to the next so does the bonds/relationships between reader and characters. Good vs Evil…”

“I loved this book! The characters and the story line was unique and interesting! There was drama and suspense…I literally got so involved in this story I didn’t want to put it down!”

“…a superbly crafted tale.”

“I really enjoyed getting lost in these books.”

As an extra-special thank you to everyone who orders the boxset, I’m giving away my new novella, From Ashes to Echoes. To get your hands on this exclusive, brand new novella all about everyone’s favourite Scroll Keeper, Last-Breath-Echoes, just purchase the boxset from your favourite retailer and click the link in the back of the book.

You’ll get the novella delivered directly to your inbox.