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Getting to Know Last-Breath-Echoes

Spring 3D CoverIn anticipation of the release of Tides of Spring in a few weeks, I wanted to give readers a better look at one of my favourite characters of the series. I wish I had more time in the books to really dig into the supporting characters, as some of them are very special to me. But there is so much plot to pack in that there isn’t always the space to develop them as much as I would like to. So, here is an insight into this ethereal, bookish young woman.

If you come up with any burning questions not covered here, do please leave a comment and I will be happy to share more! (But no spoilers!)

Name known by: Last-Breath-Echoes

Other names: Maisie Munroe

Actual age: 23

Apparent age: 20

Occupation: Anatomical Pathology Technologist. She works in the hospital morgue.

Notable physical features: Very slim, long black hair, light blue eyes.

Physical quirks: Marks door frames with her nails as she crosses thresholds. A subconscious nervous habit sneaking out of an otherwise imperturbable demeanour.

Family: Her father is enigmatic exiled shifter, Father Ash. He may or may not belong to The Spiral Hand, a dangerous chaos cult. Her mother died when Echoes was an infant. She was a shifter and was killed in a fight. She had a brother, his childhood name was Michael, but she never knew him by it. He was twenty years older than her and had changed before she was born. His shifter name was Slips-Through-Starlight, however he became a member of The Spiral Hand and it changed to Spirals-of-Bright-Agony. Father Ash executed him shortly before he was exiled.

Relationships: Her pack is The Hand of God. Their territory is in the east of Caerton, south of Fenwick, the territory of The Witches, a deadly foe to all of Caerton’s shifters. She is close to her Alpha, Crimson. Her closest friend, however, lies outside her pack. Scribe-of-the-Fallen is a fellow Scroll Keeper, the only other of that ilk in the city. They share a similar outlook on life, as well as spiritual beliefs. They perform rituals together as well as conducting research and keeping records. He is like a brother to her and is the only person who can make her laugh.

Where does she live?: Echoes lives in Fenstoke Lodge, a huge mansion in the heart of her pack’s territory. She grew up in the house when her father was Alpha of The Hand of God. All of her pack mates have rooms there, though some of them also have other homes.

What is her sleeping space like?: She has her own room in Fenstoke Lodge. It is painted dark purple and her four poster bed is dressed with black and white drapes. Small lamps covered in coloured scarves stand on nearly every surface. Piles of books are stacked roughly on a round table at the end of her bed, too frequently read to bother returning them to the shelves.

Greatest flaw: She doesn’t really understand people’s humanity and emotions, and they make her uncomfortable.

Biggest secret: She writes letters to her deceased mother and keeps them in a box under her bed.

What music does she sing to?: She doesn’t sing, but may be heard humming from time to time. She has little time for human music, but has fluent knowledge of shifter ballads, otherwise known as “the songs of the bards”.

Favourite person (living or dead): Scribe-of-the-Fallen.

Proudest achievement: Becoming a Scroll Keeper. Her training was overseen by Flames-First-Guardian. He was like a proud father when she completed the initiation rituals. She felt a great sense of relief to complete her training and sense of home-coming.

Most embarrassing moment: As an awkward pre-teen she tripped on the school library steps in front of dozens of people. Books went flying, as did she. She split her lip and nobody came to her aid.

Deepest regret: Not seeing her brother or father before the events surrounding their final encounter.

Biggest fear: Her father returning to the city.

Obsession: Unravelling mysteries. Once she gets her teeth into something she is relentless until she gets to the bottom of the issue.

Most treasured item: A platinum ring with jade inset, it is a special talisman that allows her to heal people.

Whom does she most want to please?: Her Alpha, Crimson, who is the closest thing to family she has.

What makes her angry?: People messing with magic they don’t understand.

What makes her calm?: Books.

Describe a recurring dream: Echoes stands alone on a beach at dawn. A soft, gibbous moon lingers on the horizon as the sun rises behind the cliffs. Father Ash approaches out of the sea but disappears before reaching her.

If she knew she had one month to live, what would she do?: Make a talisman that grants wishes and give it Scribe. Visit each member of her pack to have some special time with them. Go to her father to reconcile with him.

What is she hiding from herself?: A deep love for her father and desire to reconnect with him.


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