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Some of My Favourite Lines


    It’s just 17 days now until Tides of Spring is published! I hope some of you are as excited as I am. (Plus it’s now October and I’m a tad excited about Halloween, hence the above picture!) I’m really proud of this book. It’s been a challenge and a joy to write and at a hefty 150,000 words, it’s quite a tome to get stuck into.
    I’d like to share some of my favourite lines from the book. Don’t worry, there are no major spoilers, but hopefully some intrigue for you that will leave you desperate to read more.

Favourite Quotes from Tides of Spring

‘We have endured winter, though it was not without loss. But spring approaches now and with it the threat of war. The Furies rise around us and are preparing themselves. The main assault could begin at any time.’

‘Did Red Scythe just try to unite the packs for war?’ Eyes asked.

She powered through the unclaimed territory, climbing up buildings, leaping across rooftops and vaulting fences with ease. Always chasing the elusive spirit that had led her to her true name.

His muscles were on fire with adrenaline and he felt his body start to change as the beast threatened to take over. He roared into the night air. ‘Bring the lightning!’ At his command, a fork of lightning tore down from the tumultuous clouds and struck the Alpha’s chest.

A shape rose up from the metal, seeming to separate itself from it and its heavy feet thudded as it moved around the throne to face them. The construct was made of plates of metal that ground against each other, showering the ground around it with friction sparks. Bits of the construct clunked and clanged about inside its cavernous body. It wasn’t humanoid, it took the form of a small tank on four lumbering limbs and its head bobbed slightly as it moved; its yellow lamp-like eyes shone with wisdom.

She didn’t want to think about it but she was going to have to confront the answer to one question, at least. What secret were they hiding in that bunker?

‘Wrong!’ bellowed the judge. ‘I may judge you.’

‘The last time the Blue Moon were here they shared their secrets too.’

‘Calm down,’ Stalker called out. ‘It’s okay, you’re safe.’ Everyone stood back in surprise as Hidden Voice convulsed violently and moaned in distress. His eyes met Stalker’s and for just a second she saw on his face as clear as words “No, I’m not”.

‘You have overstepped the line, Wind Talker.’ Eyes was puffing out his chest and bearing down on his pack mate now and Stalker watched, paralysed and unable to act.

‘I haven’t even begun to overstep the line!’

‘You have forgotten!’ Hands-and-Face roared.

There was a loud moaning sound and Eyes caught movement at the corner of his eye. His gaze flickered towards it and settled on something vast and monstrous lurching between the buildings. It was like something from a horror film, some sort of apocalyptic kaiju story, where a giant creature from the deep had surfaced and rampaged through a metropolis, destroying everything in its wake.

He was ready to put that event behind them, he had had his fill of repercussions, of echoes of the past.

‘Pointy, stabby! Bad fly!’

‘How dare you!’ she yelled. ‘How dare you risk the lives of everyone in this pack. You reckless, arrogant son of a bitch.’

They knew, they all knew, and never told her.

‘She’s hardly living her life. Living her death might be more accurate.’

The Knight leaned closer to Eyes. Cold poured off him and seeped under Eyes’ skin.

‘A fine young spine you have there,’ the demon sighed.



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Work-In-Progress Blog Challenge

I’ve been nominated by the ever-lovely Willow C. Winsham to complete the WIP Blog Challenge. Willow is a friend of mine from (shock horror) real life, who is currently writing her debut series of novels, entitled The Virginia Dewhurst Trilogy. I gather it is a hard sci-fi series set in the post-apocalyptic near-future and features alien robots who take over the earth…. no wait, that’s not right… Run over to Willow’s blog and check out her fantastic writing and historical research into witchcraft and other such fascinating topics:

Work-in-Progress Blog ChallengeHere are the rules:
Provide the link back to the post by the person who nominated you (see above).
Write a little about your work-in-progress.
Give the first sentences of the first three chapters of your current WIP.
Nominate four other writers for the challenge.

My WIP is the urban fantasy series Echoes of the Past. Book one, Seeds of Autumn, is available now on Kindle and in print from FeedARead (links on right). The series follows Ariana, a feisty young woman with special shape-shifting abilities as she battles dangerous demons, deceitful shifters and her own inner-beast. The series is set in the fictional city of Caerton, which is almost as real to me now after working on this project for so many years, as some of the places I have called home.

The second book, Ghosts of Winter, is very close to completion, having been through several sets of revisions already and cover art about to be undertaken but still technically a WIP (I can’t seem to stop tinkering!). But for extra fun and games, I’ve decided to do this challenge twice, because the third book is well under way (nearly 50,000 words!) and has almost all of my excitement at present.

Let’s start with Ghosts.

Chapter One (technically a prologue):

Eyes strode into the shop.

Chapter Two:

Stalker looked around at her pack mates, three savage-looking shifters in their Agrius forms, seven feet tall and covered in thick fur of varying hues.

Chapter Three:

Eyes checked every room in the little house, there wasn’t much to see.

Wohoo! So, there you have it. Could there be some point of view shifting in this book? I’ll leave that thought with you.

A quick note for the glossary: Agrius refers to the beast-like form that my shifters can take. It is their most savage form, fantastic for combat, not so hot at light conversation. The name comes from the Greek myth of Agrius and Oreius, in which a woman is cursed by Aphrodite to mate with a bear. The result is the twins Agrius and Oreius who are half man and half bear. In the myth, Artemis despises the woman and her offspring, finding them offensive and the twins shun the gods. In the end, Ares and Hermes turn the twins into a vulture and an eagle owl. What that may imply for Caerton’s shifters, who believe they were created by Artemis, I will leave to you to ponder.

Okay, so for the bonus round, here are the opening sentences from the first three chapters of book three, which has a title but I’m not revealing it yet. I might give out a prize for the closest guess.

Chapter One (also a prologue):

She pulled her long, blond hair back and tied it in a sloppy pony tail.

Chapter Two:

Stalker watched him sleeping.

Chapter Three:

‘Welcome to the Danegeld.’

I debated what to put for the last quote as the first sentence of chapter three is currently a bit of a spoiler. So this little morsel of dialogue is actually the last sentence of chapter two, but hey, it’s a WIP, so it’s subject to change anyway.

So, I know that the prologue is pretty much DEAD these days, but I like them. They are a fun way for me to sneak an alternative viewpoint into my books, to give the reader additional information and lay breadcrumbs for the big overall story arc of the series. The prologue for book three came to me while working in a coffee shop one, rare, child-free morning and it was an absolute epiphany. I had been struggling with how to start the book, when I went into my notes about what the core plot of the series and that book in particular was it suddenly became clear to me how it must start. I am thoroughly anticipating the shock when people read it for the first time, I can’t wait!

So that’s it for now. All that remains is for me to nominate four more writers for the challenge.

Janna Kaixer at an exciting up and coming writer whose work I cannot wait to read.

D. M. Cain at author of the Light and Shadow Chronicles.

Carol Phipps at lovely fantasy author and Tweeter-extraordinaire.

Paul Cude at author of the Bentwhistle the Dragon series.